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The first single (“You are the Best Thing”) was good. Really good. Sadly, it kind of falls apart after that.

I wanted this album (Ray LaMontagne’s “Gossip in the Grain”) to be good so badly…and to be fair, it is. But in the end, it’s just not great.

Trouble,” my friends, was great. The first time I heard it was one of those rare moments in music when you know that a unique new talent has arrived. Every song on it is perfect. Start to finish. I have never played a song on this album for someone who didn’t instantly want to buy it for themselves. I simply cannot overhype it.

Ray’s sophomore album, as they tend to, slumped. There were one or two good tunes (Empty, Barfly, Three More Days), but it failed to hold up to the raw emotion of “Trouble.” The latest effort (out today) is a bit like that. I’ve found two or three well-constructed tunes, but it’s just not as strong. Don’t get me wrong – this album is better than 99% of the music you’ll find out there, but Mr. LaMontagne set the bar pretty high out of the gate. You simply can’t show up to your first date in a Maserati and come back the next two times in a Buick.

On a brighter note, The Decemberists put out a new EP today that is apparently the first in a series of three EP’s they’ll be releasing monthly through December (ha!). The first song on the track is entitled “Valerie Plame.” I’ve listened to it twice and I can’t stop smiling. It’s pitch perfect. My little iTunes feed on the right of the page here lists the Decemberists as one of my favorite bands and, you know what? Sure. I’ll buy that.

They’re my faves.


Mad Men(nonites)

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It appears as if sweet little Tully (all 9.8 pounds of her) is actually closer to 5 than to 3; it’s a bit hard to tell, though, as Vets usually deduce this from the state of a dog’s teeth, and most of Tully’s are going to have to be removed due to decay.

My seething anger with the Amish is growing greater every day.

I’ve added these little iTunes feeds to the right of my blog. I enjoy the “favorite artists” functionality, though I’m not quite sure how iTunes makes this determination. I was looking for more of a “favorite artist this second” kind of thing, but oh well. My music tastes are mercurial at best, complete and utter musical ADD at worst. I’m not quite sure there’s a software algorithm that could effectively capture that.

Einstein it is not…

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The new iTunes (besides crippling my Airtunes capabilities) has added a new “Genius” feature. The idea being that it will look at what you’re listening to and make recommendations on other music you may like. iTunes has always had some manner of this functionality, but apparently they’ve upgraded it.


As I am still in the gestation period of this blog, I will again re-post an old entry of mine.

People in Planes – As Far as the Eye Can See


iTunes told me that if I liked “Bloc Party,” then I would love “People in Planes”…which is akin to someone asking you if you like blowjobs, and then punching you in the testicles instead.

SURE, you can argue that both actions produce a sensation in the same general AREA, but I would hardly call the two analagous.

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