The sad thing is…

November 1, 2008 at 9:09 am | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment
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…that I think they’re starting to believe it. 

Here I sit this morning, listening to Amy Holmes (a usually intelligent commentator) defend the “Joe the Plumber” metaphor and explain how Sarah Palin has “excited the nation.”

Also, apparently Palin is now considered a viable candidate for 2012 by her party. I swear, if my country ever makes this woman the front-runner for a major political contest again,I will change my name to Fozzie Bear.

To my readers: This was admittedly a lame attempt to insert a picture of Fozzie Bear into a political blog post, but come on – look at him. It’s Fozzie Bear. It’s not like I threw a Swedish Chef reference in. Bork.


October 16, 2008 at 9:01 am | Posted in Politics, Video Games | 1 Comment
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So last night was fairly one-sided (and a little bit embarrasing, to be honest). The moment that sticks out to me, though, is the repeated use of the “Joe the Plumber” lines. How, I wondered, does something like this come out of the mouth of a 30-year Washington veteran who’s wife dresses in $300K suits? What is the significance of the plumber?

Here’s what I think happened (cue the music from JFK, conspiracy theory coming…)

1) Obama is, by all counts, winning handily right now. Obama is also vastly outspending McCain in almost every conceivable state.

2) On Monday, Obama posted a new campaign ad in Paradise City. Never heard of Paradise City? That’s because it’s in a video game.

That’s right. Obama has such an overwhelming amount of money right now that he is advertising in fictional cities that appear in racing video games. As a side note, this is a wonderful validation of my chosen past time…but I digress.

3) McCain wakes from his afternoon nap and hears about this. He must respond! He must relate to this crazy-hipster video game crowd. Now, what would a 93 year old man know about video games? What would the one piece of knowledge be that he might possibly have absorbed through simple pop-culture osmosis?

And “Joe the Plumber” is born.

I rest my case.

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