Avast ye cubicle dwellers!

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A preface: the aforementioned iPod Classic, left unharmed in my center console by the denizens of Hartford’s underworld, is serving me well on this, its maiden voyage out of Connecticut. I have, thus far, listened to nine podcasts, two playlists, and watched several episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the battery still going strong.

It was with this miraculous boost of energy that I was able to listen to not one, but two fascinating and related episodes of NPR’s new Planet Money podcast, completing the transformation of direct current into events current and amusing the hell out of myself in the process.

Episode 1, wherein a shipping company executive recounts the negotiation process involved with securing your ship back from a Somali pirate, complete with drama on the high seas, a mid-flight currency exchange, and (swear to god), a pirate in need of a ride home.

Episode 2, a follow-up, aired weeks later, wherein the pirate calls the shipping company executive for assistance in breaking into the business world as, wait for it, I swear I’m not kidding, a piracy consultant.

Which the shipping executive, of course, helps him with. This quote, from the pirate:

“If I become an expert on piracy and try to milk that, I think it is a legit business. The news media and global news media will need someone who is going to be an authority, to report from the inner feelings of a pirate, and to report whether pirates are going to stay around for a long time or not, and how to eliminate piracy.”

It’s just too good for words. You’ve got to listen to these two podcasts, just to hear the calm, measured explanations from both parties as they recount the story of this pirate, hostage taker, criminal…consultant.

I have already created, and encourage you to order, the following, from my new “Pirate turned Consultant” t-shirt line.


Positive Energy

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As it’s wont to do, life has gotten a bit in the way of the chronicling of it lately. Apologies.

Being a marketeer and product developer, I often find myself  frustrated by the sheer apathy of the consumers of the world when we launch some new product or service that we’ve been laboring on for months and months. With that said, I would like to take a moment to give credit where it may be due, to recognize, to name names, and to honor those companies and products that have managed to surprise me (pleasantly) as of late.

Readers no doubt recall my recent burgling by Hartford’s criminal underworld. Returning home (in the rain), garbage bag strapped to my window and flapping in the wind, I steeled myself for the call to my insurance agent and the inevitable frustration. I needn’t have feared.gekko

Geico, of the gecko, was polite, friendly, and efficient. I was off the phone with them within 15 minutes, and they had already set up an appointment with Safelite to replace my broken window within 24 hours in my office parking lot. Thanks to them for being supremely good at what they do – fixing automobile problems in a timely and pleasant manner. To my many friends at their well travelled competitor, I am sorry, but it must be said. That gecko knows how to do car insurance.

I have, in the past, spoken quite highly of iTune’s new Genius feature. Their new line of iPods have this feature built in, and after owning one for two weeks now, I now rarely listen to music in any other way. An incredible improvement on an already fine product. Well done.

TiVo. If I were a man who wrote sonnets, a sonneteer perhaps, I would write one to TiVo. Your product is so good, your customer service so friendly, and your commitment to feature expansion so resolute, that I must commend you. Whenever I hear of the crushingly small market-share you currently have, it truly breaks my heart. Anybody in possession of eyeballs and thumbs (which, I think, covers most) – go buy one of these things.

How about you, readers? We dwellers of the Internet, we commentators on the world, tend to take a more critical look at things in the world around us. Let’s be different. Let’s be positive.

What impresses you these days?

Never the Bride

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The Decemberists new singles series, Always the Bridesmaid, has wrapped itself up. Three nice little volumes of two songs a piece, ranging from the powerfully poppy to the massively maudlin. 


Methinks, if one had access to a device capable of arranging groups of songs into a continual, say, playlist, that this might make for a decent little pseudo-album.

If only such a device existed.

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