Not to nitpick…

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…but I’m going to nitpick.

I read this article today over at cnet. I actually read it about four times. The topic is, at best, moderately interesting. Go read it anyway, though. Then come back. I’ll wait.

Ah! There you are.

Is it me, or is this article written, just, horribly? Missing punctuation, incomplete thoughts, no real conclusion. I expect this type of thing from websites with wordpress in their URL (or, you know, from this site)…but from cnet? From a guy that writes for the Washington Post?

Is this the future of journalism? Maybe I’m overreacting a wee bit.

The comedy skit known as “Jizz in My Pants” starring SNL cast member Andy Samberg has recorded nearly 8 million views since being posted on Dec. 6 and is YouTube’s most watched video this month. NBC hadn’t ordered the clipped pulled from YouTube it has no right to do so.

No. No I’m not.

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