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I have, through the course of my career, been blessed with the opportunity to visit the most amazing places and partake in some truly unique experiences too numerous to recount. Sporting events, far-off points in distant countries, race car races, race car rides, secret hidden restaurants, giant malls, and yes, once, duck hunting. In a pond.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting most major cities in the US. I’ve seen their airports, their downtowns, their stadiums. I’ve eaten their blue crab, their ribs, their copper river salmon, their double-double’s, their gumbo, and their cheeseburger cheeseburgers.

I have, to sum up, been around a bit.

So it was with some skepticism that I visited, last week, rural Minnesota. Once there I had the opportunity to dine at the Westwood, situated on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 (seriously?) lakes. It was at this fine establishment that I was greeted with this lovely sign, which forever elevated Mankato, Minnesota to one of my favorite places in these great United States.

Bartender for Bait

By any other name

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Perhaps it’s the inner geek in me, the eternally-nine-years-old Star Wars fan, but when I hear that you’ve decided to rebrand your restaurant as “The Hut,” my mind does not immediately think of this:



It thinks of this:

jabba the hut

Mmmmmm. Appetizing.

Now I will eat at your establishment.

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