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Alert the Media

We left the bustle of Beijing on Monday evening to fly to one of China’s smaller, interior cities: Jinan. Having only a population of nine million, it’s a bit more quaint. The first thing that we noticed was the fact that we were kind of a big deal here. Beijing was overflowing with Western tourists; I haven’t seen a single non-Chinese person in Jinan, outside of our group, since we arrived.

On the way up to my hotel room, two Chinese men turned around and stared at me for a solid fifteen seconds. They then conferred for a moment and stammered, “America?” Yes, I said, I am from America. “NBA?” they asked. Hmmm. Yes. Yes I’m in the NBA. Lots of hobbit sized Americans pursue this line of work.

We visited the Please water factory and were greeted by a giant banner and the local news media. They followed us around for about an hour and then proceeded to interview us about our experience in China. It’s a little bizarre thinking a few UConn students are going to be broadcast over the airwaves to 1.4 billion people this evening.

Doggy Bag

We spent the remainder of the day visiting the 1,000 Buddha Mountain and doing some exploring on our own. The Mountain was breathtaking and provided an opportunity to view the pollution from outside of the pollution, which was nice.

Just a thought, though. Perhaps when your entire religious culture is based around burning things and pumping smoke into the air, this little problem shouldn’t have been that hard to see coming.

I also met a small doggy at the 1,000 Buddha mountain. Not much to say there, except that Chinese doggies are almost as cool as American doggies. She nibbled on my finger, so I may be rabid now, but it was very sweet otherwise.


Nouveau Cuisine

My group of friends and I ventured into the city for the evening for some local Jinan cuisine. The restaurant we chose didn’t have anything written in English, so we attempted to communicate with the waiter for information (fail) until we ultimately just pointed at a few items on the menu and hoped for the best.

When the second dish arrived, we all sampled it and agreed that we couldn’t quite place it. Chicken? Mushrooms? We weren’t sure, and so called the waiter to the table. We drew a simple picture and pointed to the bowl. Mushrooms?


Ha ha, said the waitress, and drew us a picture of her own. Of a duck.

That little circle is where she kept tapping the marker. She tapped furiously for a few moments before managing, in broken english, some clarification.

Not outside, inside.

Of the duck.


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