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We are running out of money and natural resources, China is running out of names.

“The number of Chinese family names in use has tended to shrink as China’s population has grown, a winnowing of surnames that has occurred in many cultures over time. At last count, China’s Wangs were leading with more than 92 million, followed by 91 million Lis and 86 million Zhangs.”

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Ha. I don’t even remember taking this…but it is, in fact, the greatest faux boy band picture ever taken. Thank you Facebook.


Performing at a local mall near you soon.

It Ends

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Like any great story, the ending breaks your heart.

I have had the great fortune to experience this…this trip, this place, these people at this time and place in my life…these three weeks before that seminal date marking the third decade of my time on this planet. It has broken me. It has strengthened me. It has changed my mind while it has also reaffirmed what I am and that which I believe. 

I repeat now what a great man has said once before: people have phenomenal capacity. I have met in this group, this infinitesimally small subset of our vast population, those that have cheated death, those that have mastered the art of business and the art of war, those that have taken the uncertain leap of entrepreneurship, and those that strive to succeed in their chosen fields beyond all expectations and evidence otherwise.

This world and its future are in good hands.

Xie xie.

Greatest American Heroes

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Faster, Better, Cheaper

Our first business meeting in Shanghai was with Covidien, an American company that had spun off from Tycho Healthcare a few years back. They exist in China to develop local sourcing contracts for their global business and accelerate material cost out opportunities. 

They described their strategy and their progress to us in detail; they are closing and relocating factories to China over a time frame of ninety days. Anyone that has ever attempted to execute a manufacturing transfer of work will read that last sentence with nothing short of holy reverence. 

They went on to explain how they had refocused all of their engineering and R&D dollars into the development of new product and new product alone. They are not focusing any time or energy towards product redesigns with the intent to take cost out of existing products.

I actually had to ask the speaker to repeat this.

The idea is so antithetical to how my company does business that they might as well have been telling us that they had built a distribution strategy around leprechauns and monkeys.

Breaking Ground

Our next meeting was with Diageo, a company focused on the marketing of a variety of international alcohol brands to the burgeoning Chinese market. They described their research, their strategy, and their methods, but perhaps what struck me most was the description of their problem.

They are attempting to market Smirnoff Vodka to a country that is not only unfamiliar with the Smirnoff brand, but also the type of alcohol it even represents. Their customers don’t understand what vodka is. 

It’s almost as if they are attempting to market a Buick to a country that hasn’t yet invented the wheel. I honestly can’t think of anything more exhilarating.

Comforts of Home

I had the opportunity, in the evening, to have dinner with a few ex-pat’s from my company. I honestly didn’t know, until this moment, how much I missed being around the people I worked with.

After seven years with a company, you develop a language, a speech pattern, and a frame of reference that is honestly not available to you outside of the bounds of those whom work there with you. Session C. Session M. TOW. PSI. PLP. NPI. PCTO. CLP.

Ahhhh. Like sweet nectar to a bee. I fear for the day I have to leave the bosom of this great company.

Crazy Hat Party

Our last real night in Shanghai brought with it a sense of release that had been absent throughout the rest of the trip. 

I don’t really have much to say. There was a cover charge. Admittance came with the condition that you would wear this crazy hat. Chinese men danced about on stilts. It all seemed to make sense at the time.

Crazy Hat Fun Time

Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Heavy Truck Fail

On our last day in Jinan, we visited a heavy truck assembly factory. This company, responsible for the manufacture of an absurd amount of heavy trucks (read: big) in the world, was a study of manufacturing inefficiency. 

Twelve to fifteen workers in a cell. Ball peen hammers applied to metal assemblies. An utter lack of worker protection or process. Metal on metal, controlled chaos, unfathomable quantities. It was, in a word, China. An obscene amount of labor thrown at any and every problem in an attempt to solve for a variable that remains unknown.

Yesterday and tomorrow meeting in a maelstrom that produces what this country calls today.

Gap Gap Gap Banana Gap

They are all selling the same thing.

I just don’t know how they are producing the revenue required to justify their existence. At any given time, you will walk down a street with shops on either side, abutting and facing, that are selling the same wares are products. How these people make their buying decisions must be haunting the nights of retailers and brand marketers across the world.

The Plane Lands

We arrived in Shanghai late in the evening, or, rather, Shanghai arrived on us. 

The pollution cleared, the sky opened, and the light of the world shone upon us. This city is astonishing.

Gone are the third world streets and the poverty stricken vendors. Absent is the sense of shame and progress presented in the same breath, replaced instead with the sense that these people are, in fact, capable of anything.

We have, I fear, already lost..but seeing what I see tonight, I think that the world may be better for it. It is that amazing.

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