The passage of time

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This was intended to be a daily thing, this record, this commentary. Things have managed to get a bit in the way, though.

Unlike China, regimented, scheduled, directed, the trip to Brazil, and the culture in Rio in general, tends to ebb and flow a bit. Your watch here exists, that’s true, but as more of a funny sight gag than as a  functioning tool. As mentioned earlier, there is an organic nature to everything here, meaning that while you may have been scheduled to see the giant statue of Jesus today, maybe instead you’ll just hanglide off the top of a 1500 foot mountain and drink out of a coconut (more on that later).

And behind that, should things not work out, the ever-present spectre of the beach. Said beach is not like an American beach, a place to go, a plan for the day, a location. Said beach, beaches, really, are more integration than destination, and it serves as an acceptable consolation prize indeed.

Enough, though. On to the capturing. The documenting. The story.

Pass the Sugar

What I have learned of Brazilians, or Rio de Janeirans, is that these people dsc04500like-a the places on high. Specifically, they like to find the places on high, place things atop them, and then construct elaborate transportation systems with which to visit them. We have done this many times, here, beginning with the shot on your right, the mountain known as Sugarloaf.

It was high, it was hot, it was beautiful. Standing here, looking out over the bay and the beach and the ocean, one feels small, insignificant. Had we known that this was only to be the opening act of this magnificenct game, lookdownonstuffinawe, we might not have been so affected.

Would you like beef with that?

dsc045041If one were a vegetarian faced with the prospect of traveling to Rio, you might want to prepare your small intestine for the eating of sand. There is nothing but meat here. Beef, lamb, beef, chicken, beef, and sausage.

It is served not on a plate, but on a sword; it’s quite possible that it’s the same sword used for the finishing of the animal, their appetites for the beef so severe, so overwhelming, that they cannot spare the time to remove the very killing instrument itself.

I only make conjecture, I cannot know for sure.


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