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This one’s a bit unfair because it’s just so easy. Don’t watch either of them to the end, because they’re long; you’ll get the point about thirty seconds into each. It’s a bit uncanny.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This guy is the front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination? Really?

Conveniently Located

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I totally used to live directly across the street from here. Seriously, I could see it from my window. It was between the take-out chinese food place and the take-out turtle soup place. Often while taking out I would enjoy one of their delicious banana daiquiris. One wouldn’t think that any combination of those three things (chinese food, turtle soup, and banana daiquiris) would go together.

One would be wrong.

Also, the next time one of you decries the lack of government intervention in, well, anything, I want you to look at this photo and realize that this is who you’re talking about.


This is your government.

I know that you glanced at that picture quickly, but I want you to look again. There. On her lap. It is a cat. She is riding a motorcycle with a cat on her lap, wishing you hope and holiday cheer.

Roosevelt would be so proud.


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I find myself with creativity and motivation today but without topic. Hrmm. 

The Golden Years

A Hartford man has been sentenced to prison for drug distribution. I guess that in itself isn’t really a big deal. He was 61. I find that to be a bit of a big deal.

No worries though, he’ll be out in four years, have four more years to recuperate, and still be younger than John McCain should he choose to run for President. Zing!

It’s a Black Thing

Mozilla has released a new internet browser. Hold off on the upgrade for just a minute, though, to ensure that you meet the required ethnic guidelines. You see, Mozilla’s new browser, Blackbird, is the, ahem (I want to get this right), web browser for the African American community


No. No no no no no. Bad software company! Bad!

E = MC Hammer

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been experimenting with iTune’s new “Genius” feature. Allow me once more to extoll its virtues. Actually, just consider this blog to be a permanent virtue extoller when it comes to all things genius.

It borders on life changing. You will find patterns amongst your musical tastes that are both disturbing and rewarding. My new favorite game to play is “what song will be good with this song?” It is the musical equivalent of smores. Which everyone knows are delicious.

Doth Protest Too Much

A spokesman for Al Gore indicated today that he is not seeking any type of position within the new administration (Al Gore, that is, not the spokesman). Which, I guess, would make him the only Democrat that isn’t these days. 


Setting the Bar High

Republicans are falling over themselves congratulating each other for winning a Congressional seat in Louisiana. Anh “Joseph” Cao has succeeded, yes. Of that there is no doubt. He has handily defeated long time Democrat incumbent William Jefferson. He is the new Republican Giant Slayer that will save the Republican party!

If they can only get all of their opponents in the 2010 midterm elections to get indicted for bribery after an FBI investigation finds $90,000 of marked money in their freezer, then they are going to set the political world on fire.

Bravo, sir. This slow clap is completely, non-sarcastically, for you.

Shout it Out

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This is a horrific story from Louisiana, and it stands as a stark contrast to last week’s racially uplifting news to see that these organizations are still thriving in corners of America. 

On the other hand, I’m happy to see that we can still depend on these people’s ignorance to permeate into all areas of their life:

“The investigation started after two of the Klansmen, Frank Stafford and Shane Foster, showed up at a Circle K in Bogalusa early Monday morning and asked the clerk how to get bloodstains out of clothing, authorities said.”

A matter of perspective

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Only in West Hartford, Connecticut, would this be a legitimate news story:

“Police are investigating five thefts from unlocked cars that occurred late Tuesday and early Wednesday on Shady Lane, Whetton Road, Westborough Drive and Uplands Drive…”

Back in New Orleans, on Wednesday, a man was beaten, robbed, and locked in his own closet. In an apartment complex. One block from the biggest mall in the city.

Two Americas, indeed.

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