I will attempt, here,  to entertain by sharing my finds from the interwebs (where I spend far, far too much of my free time). I am the owner of two dogs and so will occasionally post about dogs. I am an avid reader and so will sometimes post about books. I think that Netflix is a gift from on high and that Videogames are man’s closest thing to achieving creation so I will post on these topics as well. I am a member of the so-called “business world” and so will comment with great certainty on matters in business.

Having spent time living in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, California, and Louisianna, I also reserve the right to post news and stories from these regions and have my opinion on them accepted as facts by anyone that hasn’t lived there. This same logic also applies to anywhere that I have flown to at least once in my life. Or read about.


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