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March 31, 2009 at 8:45 am | Posted in School, Travel | 1 Comment
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The last two afternoons in Salvador, spread out across a weekend, were spent exploring the winding streets and hills of this decidedly African-feeling South American city. Spanish colonial architecture, narrow roads, oppressive heat and hand-crafted goods and food all combined to leave me with a feeling not unlike the one I had upon my initial arrival in Brazil.

Organic. Alive. This house, on this hill, is not here because some developer mapped out its exact location and placement. Its here, most likely, because somebody wanted a house next to that other house on the hill, or perhaps some other sensible, natural reason. The beauty here is not planned, it just happens. A fascinating, and admirable, way of life.

We wandered about and marveled, purchased trinkets and drank and ate. The experience was ending, the days spiraling towards their inevitable conclusion, and there was a sadness, a melancholy about the bunch. This has been a fine trip, with a fine group. Smaller, tighter than China, but richer, warmer. More connections made, better conversations had. New things learned and old things remembered in this marvelous country, these two beautiful cities. Life and growth, a simultaneous quickening and slowing of pace, rolled up together and baked in the heat and the fires of this Brazil.


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  1. This past weekend I saw an episode of Music In High Places on the Palladium channel, featuring India.Arie in Brazil, and she had a jam session with some famous Brazilian drum group in the very square you picture above. Surrounded by tourists and natives, it was very joyful and organic and soulful and inspiring. Kind of like your trip, which sounds wonderful.

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