Archival Footage, Episode 2

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Been a bit lazy of late; here’s one from April 4th, 2006…that is somehow, through MTV’s refusal to just put this dog of a show down, still relevant.

The Really Real World

Random rant.

I hate The Real World. I hate the people on the Real World. Unfortunately, my wife (and Bill Fusta) love them. So I get stuck watching it sometime.

They just ended the Real World vs. Road Rules thing a couple weeks ago. They had a veterans team, implying that this has been going on for a while. Now, the last time I followed the Real World, it was in the Pettit’s basement…so we’re talking at least a decade here.

I recognized several players, which means that these folks have been doing this for going on ten years. They all live in LA now (there’s actually a bar owned by one of them where they all hang out), waiting for MTV to call them up and ask them to be on Road Rules Veterans Return Part 78 or something.

They’ve become so used to being on tv all the time that they’ve actually become caricatures of themselves. They’re ridiculous, stupid people.

I propose the following:

MTV invites all the former Real World / Road Rules players to their studios for a meeting. Once there, Jon Murray walks in and tells them that MTV is never producing another Real World show again. He explains to them that they are all over 30 years old without a single marketable skill or talent. He wishes them luck in finding gainful employment.

And then he walks out, leaving them all to ponder what to do with their worthless lives.

Let the camera roll on that shit for an hour, and you’ve got viewer number one right here.

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