High Tide Low Tide

December 1, 2008 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Business, News | Leave a comment
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Two illustrative pictures from my life over at the Wall Street Journal today.

The first picture is of Venice, overcome with flood waters this past weekend.


See that little arched window at the very top of the Doge’s Palace, to the right of the balcony? Summer of 1999, that was totally my office (actually, the nameplate said storeroom, but who’s counting). I assure you that at the time, the waters were much lower and more manageable.

The second picture is of my stock portfolio, overcome with recession this past year.


See that little peak at the top of the graph, to the left of the crushing economic decline? Winter of 2007, that was totally my future. I assure you that at the time, the fear was much lower and more manageable.

Sigh. The many wonderful ways a modern man can drown in the twenty-first century.


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