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Listen here, AMC, if you’re going to go on producing and airing what is arguably the best show on television, then you simply cannot end the season finale at the 50 minute mark.

You realize I have to wait an entire year to see this show again? You couldn’t have padded that out another 10? 

Here, I’ll script it for you: Don comes into the office around 10am, his secretary makes him a drink and then he sexes up a client on his couch. Pete acts like an asshat and Roger sleeps with a secretary. They all go to the bar at 3.

Would that have been so hard?

Sigh. Simpler times.

My business life isn’t even occupying the same hemisphere as Don Draper’s business life.



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  1. I also felt shortchanged, but after all it was with “limited commercial interruption” which I’m all in favor of. The cast party thing at the end was a let down; I would have liked some more interviews!

    As far as Pete being an asshat (great term), don’t you think he had an epiphany this episode? He realized he doesn’t love Trudy, he does love Peggy, you can’t always get what you want, and that doing the right thing is the right thing to do for the long term (telling Don about Duck’s backhanded deal).

    Word on the street is that Matt Weiner is in negotiations for season 3 but none of the cast has a contract yet. Memo to AMC – get your butt in gear on Mad Men, and “Chucky” is not “a classic in the making”.

  2. Pete earns points for telling Don, but loses more points for wearing that ridiculous blue suit.

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